Mack Book (e non Mac Apple)

The First Book Award was established in 2012 to support emerging photographers. For the first time since the Award was founded, submissions this year are not limited to nominated projects but are open to all emerging artists and photographers who have not had a book previously published.

The call for submissions emphasises a predilection for projects intended for book form: photographic works that find a voice through the book.

The winner will collaborate with MACK in publishing their book project, which will be announced and launched in May 2019. The winning artist will also receive the opportunity to show their work at Photo London 2019 in an exhibition to coincide with the award announcement. 


Sarah Allen - Assistant Curator, Tate Modern
Emma Bowkett - Director of Photography, FT Weekend Magazine
Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa - photographer and writer
Polly Fleury - Director of Special Projects, Wilson Centre for Photography
Michael Mack 


The First Book Award is supported by:
Krasna Krausz Foundation
Wilson Centre for Photography